Monday, October 6, 2008

my goodness It's Been TOO LONG!!!

Sorry everyone. It's been way too long since i've posted any news.
And i do appoligize. don't worry though. Daddy Rich is just really getting started
on world domination after all.

Just had my first son, Jackson Charles Crisman, on 8-8-08. That's basically why
ive not been on the computer or telephone very much. I'm very sorry to all the fans
if you haven't heard from me in a while, that's why. If you've got kids, you'll understand.
If not, then you'll understand someday :)

Anyway, here's the scoop.
Got a publishing deal on "Clarksdale" So i'll be putting out a new high quality
recording of that song very soon. I'll also be tracking "the blues is ok" and "sad sad song"
in that same studio.

There will be another full length worldwide release very soon. I promise!!!!!!
Maybe the 3 songs above will keep you tided over.
The new CD will be VERY BLUES. so if you are a blues fan, you are a Daddy Rich fan! :)

I will be appearing on 2 Nationwide TV shows.
Little People Bigger World on TLC. will air in the next few months
Gene Simmons Family Jewels. which will air in February or March.
So keep your eyes peeled for ole Daddy you couch potatoes!!!!

that's it for now, check back here and on the dadgum myspace page
for more updates.
don't worry, i've only begun to fight.


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