Sunday, February 3, 2008

Much nEws

Wow. February already.

Ok so for now here's what's going on. First i've got a baby on the way (yes, it's by my lovely wife rachel)
Working on album number 3 and also working on promoting "Clarksdale" IT was never properly promoted last year and so many people haven't heard a second of it. if you're interested in getting in on helping, just send an email via

Everything is going great. I'm no longer playing with Super Chikan and the Fighting Cocks for the time being. IT's time to focus on the $Daddy Rich$ show which i've neglected for so long now.
Thanks for sticking around. it'll be well worth the wait. please keep checking back at the website for updates and Show Dates on the calendar.

there will be many more originals recorded in the next 2 months, and many shows will be coming up. IF you'd like some daddy rich in your home town, just email or call 662-902-7424 and lets' make it happen.

take care, love you all